We help companies retain women talent post-maternity and strive to create a holistic organizational culture that supports a working women’s journey into parenthood.

A woman supported by her employer through her journey of childbearing and thereafter will be a powerhouse of exceptional strength and efficiency.

For Parents

A holistic approach to Maternity, from conception to post-delivery. Infused with coaching styles from both Eastern and Western traditions. These techniques help provide a positive healthy mind and body for a mother and her child.

For Companies

Solutions to help businesses in developing and retaining their Women Talent during Maternity and Post-Pregnancy. We help in increasing capabilities of HR and Line Managers to help foster diversity and inclusion in the organization’s culture for the enhancement of new mothers within the workforce.

Workshop Programs

Flexible & Affordable. These are custom-tailored programs focusing on a.) maximizing pregnant women’s potential pre & post maternity leave, b.) education and awareness on workplace pregnancy for line-managers and supervisors looking to strengthen their women leadership pipeline.

We ensure that a company’s organizational culture supports an expectant mother’s journey into maternity and retain her post-pregnancy. We strive to enable, engage and exude productivity and performance during the transition months faced by new parents by helping them realign their purpose with the company’s vision.

How can Aevitas help?

Consultancy – We offer varied and effective approaches to overcome the challenges faced by the organizations in retaining Women Talent post-pregnancy. We provide guidance and direction to businesses on strategy development, policies and procedures, and implementing culturally accepted workshops toward their organizational structure.

Coaching – We offer a wide range of holistic coaching techniques to counteract the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that expecting mothers face as they continue to work during their pregnancy so that they may stay aligned with the organization’s vision. This includes mothers seeking to return to work post-pregnancy.

Maternity + Paternity Coaching

To be an ideal employer of choice for providing coaching services to your employees for their physical, mental and emotional well-being by helping them during this transitional period which is well known to cause disruptions in their performance and productivity.

Manager's Training

We offer workshops, one-on-one coaching and resources to facilitate development and growth of the manager’s capabilities to allow the state of empathy to be nurtured for the Parents-to-be in their teams.

Post Delivery Back To Work

Leave it for us to help you retain, revive, realign, and rejuvenate new mothers with a customized crash course on company’s objectives and expectations as they return back to work post-maternity. We will instill brand value equity, ample doses of constructive motivation and a series of ownership actions that will result in an increase of confidence and acceptance as New mothers are welcomed back.

Career Development

Evaluate and strategize your options for continuous learning and development of your talent. Enroll them for a Strong Interest Inventory Assessment to help them maximize their true potential by understanding their personality and work-style for optimal output.

Team Coaching/Facilitation

Face-to-face coaching and moderating discussions for organizations to harness new perspectives for their employees on working with empathy with colleagues that are expecting a baby. To harness a unified energy mindset in creating a collective consciousness of harmony and acceptance in the organization.

Flexiworking Contracts

A co-operative process along with the HR Team in assisting with designing and developing materials, maternity policies & procedures for part-time working, remote or mobile working, working from home, compressed hours and/or job sharing alternatives.

Workplace Health & Safety

Learn to identity and rectify workplace hazards by taking our personalized risk assessment survey to ensure workplace conditions are optimal and supportive of a pregnant working women's needs 

Mindful Energy Management

Learn from over 10 different Meditation and Breathing techniques that help to alleviate workplace stress, anxiety and frustrations while effectively channeling and conserving vital energy through conscious awareness.

Custom Design Programs

Flexibility in choosing and developing your core areas of interest for enabling expectant mother and developing high potential women talent to continue to work post maternity.

Speaking & Facilitation

We are available to speak or facilitate at your corporate events on following topics from both the employers and employees perspectives.

– Preparing for parental leave and returning to work.

– Strategies for balancing career and family successfully.

– Supporting both working men and women.

– Conscious Maternity at work- How to have a mindful pregnancy.

– Work-life balance.

– Steps to avoid pregnancy discrimination.

– Supporting and promoting women in leadership.

– Diversity management.

– Gender equality and inclusion.


Coaching Hours


Confident working moms


Cups of Coffee

Breaking Maternal Wall
1 company at a time

“To bear a child and construct his body almost subconsciously is not enough.
The work really commences when by the power of THOUGHT and WILL,
we conceive and create a character capable of manifesting an ideal ”
-Mirra Alfassa (The Mother)


 To facilitate in the creation of healthy future leaders of tomorrow by looking after the wellness of pregnant and working women today.


To help businesses strengthen their women leadership pipeline by retaining women talent post maternity through engagement and wellness initiatives.





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