Google generates 55 books immediately for you to check out as you type in Maternity Books. Endless list of websites provide the same time-tested, much acclaimed, parent favorite list of books that do not change much year after year. Most, if not all of these books are focused on two elements 1. Physical areas & 2. Mental areas of development for the mother and the child.

While its true that the child in the womb is not only exposed to the food that you eat (physical), the exercises that you do ( physical), the thoughts you think (mental), talking to the baby ( mental)- what it really lacks is spiritual nourishment.

Most books do not dwell deep into the subconscious of the baby-inutero. A deeper insight and understanding of the spiritual dimension is missing. For a mother to have the power and the ability to call upon a soul of her choice ( if you believe in one), and the law of attraction are not explicitly mentioned in these books nor the nature of the thoughts during conception and pregnancy and its final outcomes. What happens within a mother’s body in those 9 months, is mystical, its magical and while science provides 99.99% of the answers, it still fails to generate the .01% which is the cornerstone of knowing the secret of birth. Human being is not the last rung in the ladder. We are a continuous evolution in Nature and one thing about Nature is that, she likes perfection and we are far from it.

This may sound morbid to say that you would start of reading a book on death as you are about to birth a baby, however, what better way to understand life than to know, That Which is Born, Must Die.

Some of noted yogis who have surpassed the impossible in not only defeating death but having the power to call it at their will. If you could call upon an enlightened soul to be born as your son/daughter, who would that be?

Knowing how the mind controls you is one thing, controlling your own mind is another but unleashing its full potential can lead to limitless creativity.

When we are constantly bombarded with unsolicited advices on pregnancy, and get overwhelmed with tons of conflicting information on the web, we forget to tune in and listen to our own inner voice which constantly guides us.

Can’t form a lasting habit, can’t get anything done on time, can’t seem to figure out why you keep on regressing to your old self despite numerous self-help books, meditation and yoga classes you attend? Maybe its time to know how your mind influences you.

Why does walking into a graveyard in the night so eerie, why do you feel drained out of energy after talking to certain people? how do you know you will lash out angry a split second before you actually do? How do thoughts manifest? Read this to know.

Kundalini is a powerful force that shouldn’t be awakened without an aid of a yogi/guru. For an average person, it takes years if not lives to awaken kundalini. You should not practice kundalini yoga in pregnancy but you can read about it.

Knowing your doshas can help you better understand the food you eat in pregnancy.


Art of Conscious Maternity

A podcasts for New Mothers at work

This podcast is specially designed with keeping New Mothers in mind who are working during pregnancy. We dive into the inner workings of the body and mind, the relationship of your thoughts to your actions during pregnancy, on setting healthy boundaries during your maternity leave, building confidence and ultimately coming back to work with clarity and purpose.


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